Wednesday, June 26, 2019

19 - Book Review: "Athonite Flowers" by Monk Moses of Mount Athos

Athonite Flowers: Seven Contemporary Essays on the Spiritual Life
By Monk Moses of Mount Athos
Translated by Fr. Peter A. Chamberas
Holy Cross Greek Orthodox Press
2000, Pp. 100.

Reviewed by Constantine Cavarnos

This beautiful and very edifying book is comprised of seven essays. All of them will serve, as Father Peter Chamberas aptly remarks in his eloquent Foreword, "as a testimony to the ever vibrant and ever rejuvenating spiritual tradition of Mount Athos, a bastion of Christian Orthodoxy." They will serve also as a testimony that their author, the monk Moses, "is not only a contemporary representative of this spiritual tradition, but also an eloquent and dynamic exponent of it throughout Greece."